Unable to Run Reports in Wi-Q running Windows 10

This problem is likely to occur if (WiQReportsApp.exe.config) is not in the proper directory. 


To resolve the problem, download and place (WiQReportsApp.exe.config) file in c:/Program Files(x86)/Stanley Security Solutions/Stanley Wi-Q AMS/ directory. 


Link to download the File HERE: WiQReportsApp.exe.config

Applies To

Wi-Q 3.1.007

Additional Information

Download files from the Internet may be blocked by Windows 10 new security features. Some file types are blocked from opening, some from running properly.

To check the files downloaded to verify they are not blocked or to unblock them, right click on the file and select properties.



If you look at the properties screen, you may see a unblock button or check box. Click to select the unblock option on the properties screen.




Click the Apply button to apply your changes.



Notice the Unblock option disappears. Click the OK button.

You can now move the file to the correct location. Failure to unblock files will result in them not working properly.  

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