7KC Grade 2 Cylindrical Locks

7KC Grade 2 Cylindrical Locks Templates & Installation Instructions 




Click on the blue template ID to download the template you need. 

Template ID

 K08 7KC (2 ¾") Cylindrical Locks with Small (STK) Strike Door & Frame Prep
 K09 7KC, 8K & 9K (2 ¾") Cylindrical Locks with Large (S3) Strike Door & Frame Prep
 K22 7KC Cylindrical locks with Small (STK) Strike Door  & Frame Prep Dimensional Template
 K23 72KC Cylindrical Locks with Large (S3) Strike Door & Frame Prep Dimensional Template
 T56092a 72KC Cylindrical Locks 2 ?" Backset  Tape On Template
 T56091a 73KC Cylindrical Locks 2 ¾" Backset tape On Template
 T56077A 74KC-75KC Cylindrical Locks 3 ¾" & 5" Backsets Tape On Template
 WD-OD002 7KC Dummy Trim
 T56063 7KC Dummy Trim Tape On Template Template



Click on the blue drawing number to download the document you need. 



 T80621 7KC Series Service Manual
 T80622 Installation Instructions for 72KC-75KC Cylindrical Locks
 T81146 Installation Instructions for 72KC-75KC Key-in-Knob Cylinders
 T56076 Installation Instructions for 7KC 1DT & 9K 1DT & 2DT Dummy Trim Assemblies


7KC Sell Sheet

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