What devices can the MLR be Retrofit to?


A conversion kit is available to order that allows you to retrofit an existing PHI 2000 series device. The respective part number for the kit is: MLR-K. A standard 1 amp 24VDC, not the ELR150, power supply would also need to be ordered.

MLR retrofit kits cannot be added to devices with Delayed Egress, DE, or alarm kits such as the ALK, ALW, and WALW. 

Applies To

Apex 2000 devices, MLR

Additional Information

Please note that motorized latch retraction is not compatible with mechanical dogging. If your device has hex or cylinder dogging, the dogging assembly will have to be removed. If you need a new plain hinge filler with no hole for dogging, the part numbers are below.

00236-52* Plain Hinge Filler 1 X   X X  
00237-52*   1 X       X
00238-52*   1   X   X  
00239-52*   1   X     X

*Please specify finish when ordering these parts.


Also, MLR kits will not fit on 2'6" and 3' devices that have been cut down to a non-standard size nor will fit on 4' devices that have been cut down less than 40".


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