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Q: What is SHELTER?

A: SHELTER is a responsive lockdown solution based on our ANSI/BHMA Grade 1 BEST 9K cylindrical lock platform. With the push of a button on a fob, our SHELTER solution enables you to lockdown multiple doors quickly and efficiently in emergency situations.

Q: What are all of the components of SHELTER?

A: SHELTER consists of the following:

    • 9KX lock that is based on our 9K cylindrical lock platform
    • A fob that can be used to initiate lockdowns
    • Repeaters that extend the 900 MHz wireless network in addition to providing switch and relay interfaces that are capable of connecting to other systems or hardwired devices such as electrified exits
    • A gateway which is the centerpiece of the 900 MHz wireless network and connects back to the web based software via the internet
    • A web-based software platform used for configuration and maintenance of the system

Q: Does SHELTER have access control capabilities?

A: SHELTER does not offer access control capabilities. The 9KX is meant to be used as a standard mechanical lock for everyday operations. In emergency situations, the exterior lever can be locked via a wireless lockdown signal to prevent intruders from entering the building or room.

Q: How do I tie SHELTER into my existing access control or alarm system?

A: With assistance from your integration resource, the SHELTER network components can be configured to allow the fob to initiate a signal to your pre-installed access control system or alarm system, allowing communication with first responders.

Q: What are the most common SHELTER applications?

A: SHELTER can be used to provide a lockdown solution where multiple doors must be locked within a few seconds. Common examples where this functionality may be necessary include K-12, higher education, commercial office spaces, theaters and churches. 

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Q: How is a lockdown initiated?

A: A lockdown can be initiated in a couple of ways. First, it can be done through the use of a fob. The fob contains a large button with a lock symbol on it that when pressed and held for one second will communicate to the gateway and issue a lockdown. Second, you can wire an electric key switch, or similar device, into a repeater that once activated will initiate a lockdown. When initiated, a lockdown will cause the 9KX lock to transition to a storeroom function lock which locks the outside lever and requires a key to retract the latch and gain entrance to the room or building.

Q: How long does it take to lock all the doors once the lockdown is initiated?

A: Once the gateway receives the command, the lockdown will be complete in approximately 10 seconds. This can vary slightly based upon your application or software configuration.

Q: Do I need an internet connection in order to initiate a lockdown?

A: An internet connection is not needed to initiate a lockdown. However, the product does require registration via the web-based software in order to set up the system and manage your account.

Q: Can a lockdown be issued remotely?
A lockdown cannot be initiated remotely. A fob or an item wired into a repeater within the building is necessary to initiate the lockdown.

Q: Do I need to manually close the doors during a lockdown?

A: The SHELTER solution does not automatically close the doors, so this must be done manually to enable the lockdown to operate effectively.

Q: Will an open door hinder the time it takes for the lockdown to occur?

A: The lockdown will proceed as normal even if the door is open. The lock on the open door will be switched to a locked position. The door can then be closed to secure the door from an outside threat.

Q: Do I have to lockdown the entire building or can I lockdown a particular section?
The SHELTER system is very configurable allowing a fob to lockdown a single door, a group of doors or an entire building. This is all managed through the webbased software.

Q: When a lockdown occurs, does the inside lever lock?

A: The inside lever will not lock allowing for egress at all times. The purpose of the lockdown is to keep intruders from entering. You will always be able to exit the room or building.

Q: When a lockdown is in place, can I retract the latch with the use of a key from the exterior?

A: You will be able to retract the latch with the use of a key from the exterior at all times.

Q: How do I initiate an all-clear to lift the lockdown?
A lockdown can be cleared via the web-based software or a repeater input (i.e., electric key switch, card reader to access control panel, button, etc.). You can also mechanically retract the latch of the lock via a key.

Q: Can I unlock individual doors using the software?
The software (and even the gateway webpage) is capable of unlocking individual doors, repeater and the entire system.

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Q: Is there software that I need to install?

A: The software is web-based, so you will not need to install any software onto your computer.

Q: What web browsers are compatible with the software?

A: The following web browsers are compatible with the software: Internet Explorer 8 or greater, Firefox 3.6 or greater, Safari 5.1 or greater and Chrome 10 or greater.

Q: What features are available on the web-based software?

A: From the web-based software, the user can add or remove devices, configure door groups, schedule and perform self-tests, view the source of a lockdown event, check the health and status of individual devices, and configure email and text message alerts for various events.

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Q: Do I have to replace my existing mechanical BEST 9K lock?

A: If you currently have BEST 9K locks on your doors, you must replace them. The unique locking mechanism found in the BEST 9KX is contained within the chassis requiring a total replacement.

Q: What door prep is required for the 9KX?

A: The 9KX fits the standard cylindrical door prep (161). For Schlage retrofit applications, the ATB (Alternate Thru-Bolt) kit is available. Replacing other manufacturers’ locksets may require minor modifications to door prep.

Q: What key systems is the BEST 9KX compatible with? A: The BEST 9KX is compatible with the following non- IC cores: Corbin Russwin, Medeco, Sargent, Schlage, and Yale. The BEST 9KX is also compatible with the Schlage interchangeable core.

Q: What finishes is the 9KX offered in?

A: The 9KX is available in 11 finishes: 605, 606, 611, 612, 613, 618, 619, 622, 625, 626 & 690. The 626 finish is also available with an anti-microbial coating.

Q: Is the black housing available in different colors?

A: A: The housing comes standard in black and is not available in different colors.

Q: What batteries are required for the 9KX?

A: The 9KX requires four standard AA batteries.

Q: What is the battery life of the 9KX?

A: The estimated battery life expectancy for the 9KX is 2-3 years.

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Q: What is a gateway?

A: The gateway is the center of the communication
system for the SHELTER solution. This is the component
that is registered with, and provides information to,
the web-based software. The gateway is on a 900 MHz
platform giving our system very reliable, long
range connectivity.

Q: How many gateways do I need for a building?

A:  On average, buildings only require the use of one gateway. A site survey is highly recommended to determine the specific requirements for your application.

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Q: What is a repeater?

A: A repeater is a device that helps expand the signal from the gateway. A gateway has a range of around 400 feet in each direction. If a lock is farther away than 400 feet, a repeater would be used to take the wireless signal from the gateway and increase it another 400 feet. A repeater also has input and output relays to allow for easy integration into existing systems or signal devices such as an electric key switch.

Q: How many repeaters do I need for a building?

A: Repeaters are used to extend the network of the gateway. The number of repeaters needed varies with the size of a building, the number of floors, etc. A site survey is highly recommended to determine the specific requirements for your application.

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Q: What do the buttons on the fob do?

A: There are two buttons on the fob. The top larger button with the image of a lock on it is used to initiate a lockdown. The bottom smaller button with the asterisk on it is used for running drills or testing the fob range.  Buttons must be pressed and held for 2 seconds.

Q: Do the fobs communicate to the locks directly?

A: The fobs do not communicate directly to the locks. Everything flows through the gateway to reach the lock. Fobs and repeaters speak to the gateway which in turn pushes the communication down to the locks.

Q: Can I lock an individual door with the fob?

A: Using the web-based software, you can program your fob to lock an individual door, a set of doors or all doors.

Q: Can I unlock an individual door with the fob?

A: You cannot use the fob to unlock doors.

Q: What is the range of the fob?

A: The fob has a typical range of up to 200 feet. This may vary with building construction. The range can be tested by pressing the asterisk button on the fob.

Q: How many fobs do I need for a building?

A: The number of fobs is flexible and can be customized to align with your current policy for similar matters.

Q: If a fob is lost or stolen, can it be deactivated?

A: A fob can be deactivated using the web-based software.

Q: What battery is used in the fob?

A: The fob uses a CR2450 coin cell battery.

Q: What is the battery life of the fob?

A: The estimated battery life expectancy for the fob is 2-3 years.

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