CS Cores and 7AS Keys FAQ's

Cores and Keys FAQ's

Please see below for the frequently asked questions about the BEST Cores and Keys. If you would like a PDF copy of this file, please click here. For specification information or more information on the Cores and Keys, please see the web page.

Q: What is the STANLEY 7CS & 7AS Series?

A: The 7CS Series is a line of Small Format Interchangeable Cores (SFIC). The 7AS Series refers to the key blanks that pair with the 7CS cores. 

Q: What is the common 7CS core application?

A: The 7CS core is a cost-effective option for any lock that accepts an SFIC core.

Q: What is the 7CS core & 7AS key constructed of?

A: The 7CS core is composed of a brass body and a zinc face. The 7AS key is constructed of brass.

Q: What keyways are offered on the 7CS core & 7AS key?

A: The 7CS core & 7AS key are available to order in 26 different keyways. The keyways are A, D, E, F, G, H, J, Q, B, BA, C, DD, K, L, M, N, P, R, TA, TB, TC, TD, TE, GP, SC and SD. SC and SD keyways are equivalent to Arrow 1C and 1D keyways, respectively. Patented keyways are not available.

Q: What pin counts are offered on the 7CS core?

A: The 7CS cores are available to order in both 6- and 7-pin configurations.

Q: Are 7CS cores available combinated and uncombinated?

A: 7CS cores are available to order as uncombinated only.

Q: Does STANLEY offer a combinating kit?

A: Combinating kits are available to order. The respective part number for the kit is CD431.

Q: What core face stamps are available on 7CS cores?

A: 7CS cores have a blank core face.

Q: What finishes are offered for 7CS cores?

A: 7CS cores are available in 3 finishes: 626, 613 & 606.

Q: What warranty do 7CS cores have?

A: 7CS cores have a 3 year limited warranty.

Q: Are 7AS keys available to order cut and blank?

A: Since 7CS cores are shipped uncombinated, 7AS keys are available to order as key blanks only.

Q: What key stamps are available on 7AS keys?

A: 7AS keys come standard with a “Duplication Prohibited” stamp on the front and a blank back.

Q: What is the lead time for 7CS cores & 7AS keys?

A: The average lead time for stock 7CS cores & 7AS keys is 2 weeks. Please consult the factory for lead times on larger quantities.

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