D4990 Low Energy Operator FAQ's

D4990 Low Energy Operator FAQ's

Please see below for the frequently asked questions about the D4990 Low Energy Operator. If you would like a PDF copy of this file, please click here. For specification information or more information on the D4990 Low Energy Operator, please see the catalog.

Q: What is the PRECISION D4990?

A: The PRECISION D4990 is a grade 1 low energy operator designed to meet the requirements of ADA and the provisions of ANSI 159.19. This device incorporates electrohydraulic technology providing a motorized power-open cycle. The power-open requires a “knowing act” to operate which comes in the form of hardwired or wireless actuators.

Q: Who is the D4990 customer?

A: The D4990 low energy operator is ideal for ADA access in discontinuous usage applications such as hospitals or medical office buildings.

Q: What certifications does the D4990 meet?

A: The D4990 meets the following certifications: ANSI/BHMA 156.19, UL 228, UL 325, UL 10B, UL 10C, UBC 7.2 & FCC.

Q: What device types is the D4990 offered in?

A: The D4990 is available in two device types: push side (D4990) & pull side (D4990T). These two cannot be interchanged, so you must order the correct type for the application.

Q: Do you have to specify handing when ordering a D4990?

A: The D4990 & D4990T are both non-handed.

Q: What types of actuators are available to order for the D4990?

A: The D4990 can be ordered with push plates, touchless plates and fobs. These actuators can be hardwired or wireless depending upon the application requirements.

Q: Is the D4990 compatible with electric strikes?

A: The D4990 is compatible with BEST electric strikes and PRECISION electric latch retraction (ELR) exit devices. It also works with other manufacturers’ products.

Q: How hard is it to install a D4990?

A: The D4990 is simple to install and is integrated with pre-configured mounting holes.

Q: Is it hard to manually open doors equipped with a D4990 device?

A: The D4990 is equipped with a STANLEY D-4550 heavy duty door closer which enables the door to open with ease manually and does not require as much force as low energy operators not equipped with a standard closer.

Q: What finishes are offered for the D4990?

A: The D4990 is available in 2 finishes: 628 & 313AN.

Q: What is the lead time for a D4990?

A: The average lead time for a D4990 is less than 2 weeks.

Q: What warranty does the D4990 have?

A: The D4990 has a 2 year mechanical and electrical warranty.

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