D-4550 FAQ's

D-4550 Stanley Door Closer FAQ's

Please see below for the frequently asked questions about the D4550Stanley Door Closer. If you would like a PDF copy of this file, please click here. For specification information or more information on the D4550 Stanley Door Closer, please see the catalog.

Q: What is the STANLEY D-4550?

A: The D-4550 is an institutional grade 1 door closer.

Q: Who is the D-4550 customer?

A: The D-4550 is ideal for heavy duty applications such as institutional and industrial environments.

Q: What arm options are offered on the D-4550?

A: The D-4550 is available in 14 unique arm options that feature variant arm and stop types. There are three arm types: tri-pack,heavy duty & track. The tri-pack arm can be mounted in three different ways: top jamb,standard arm, and standard parallel arm. This provides the distributor and end user with versatility on how the closer can be used. There are two different stop types: standard & compression. The standard stop provides for an immediate stop and consequently can place strain on the hinges and door frame. The compression stop includes an engineered polymer that eliminates metal to metal contact that allows the energy to dissipate. In addition, the D-4550 can be ordered with hold-open capabilities.

Q: Are there electrical options available to order on the D-4550?

A: The D-4550 can be ordered with an electronic hold-open feature. When energized, the unit is held at a field selectable degree of hold-open.

Q: What is the spring power capability on the D-4550?

A: The D-4550 is adjustable from 2-6 and the D-4551 is adjustable from 1-5. The D-4550 is capable of going 50% over size 6. The D-4551 is designed to meet ADA entrance requirements of 5 lbs of opening force or less.

Q: What covers are available to order for the D-4550?

A: The D-4550 is available to order with three different covers: plastic, metal and lead-lined. The lead-lined cover is suitable for radioactive room doors. The D-4550 comes standard with the plastic cover.

Q: What options are available to order on the D-4550?

A: The D-4550 is available to order with the following 5 options: advanced variable back check, delayed action cylinder, sex nuts, security screws & a special rust inhibitor.

Q: Do you have to specify handing when ordering a D-4550?

A: The D-4550 is non-handed, so it can used on both RH and LH doors for both push side and pull side mounting.

Q: What finishes are offered for the D-4550?

A: The D-4550 is available in 6 finishes: 689, 690, 691, 693, 695 and 696.

Q: What is the lead time for a D-4550?

A: The average lead time for a D-4550 is less than 2 weeks.

Q: What warranty does the D-4550 have?

A: The D-4550 has a 10 year mechanical warranty and a 1 year electrical warranty.

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