Wi-Q 3.1 Interface Information and Downloads

Wi-Q 3.1 Interface Version Information

  • Click here to access the software/firmware compatibility and release chart.
  • The current release of the Wi-Q 3.1 Controller Boot Loader Firmware 3.01.001
  • The current release of the Wi-Q 3.1 Wireless Access Controller Boot Loader Firmware 3.01.001

B.A.S.I.S Wi-Q Interface 3.1 

Please click on the links below to view the client specifications. 

C•Cure Wi-Q Interface 3.1

Please click on the links below to view client and server specifications.

Port Exceptions

  • 23 - Telnet 
  • 80 - Web
  • 443 - Secure Web
  • 1433 - Default port for SQL Server
  • 1434 – SQL Server
  • 8000 - Wi-Q Communications
  • 11000 - Wi-Q Communications
  • 5353 - Bonjour
  • 9000 - C•Cure Router 

Network and Power Requirements

  • 110 VAC and Ethernet Connection at all Portal Gateway locations.
  • Each portal Gateway requires 1 static IP

Wireless Access Controller Power Requirements

  • 110 VAC at all Wireless Access Controller (WAC) locations.

 Wi-Q Interface 3.1 Documents

Click on the name of the file you wish to download or view.

Wi-Q Documents
  BASIS Wi-Q Interface User Guide
  CCure 9000 Wi-Q Interface User Guide


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