QED 200 Series FAQ's

QED 200 Series FAQ's

Please see below for the frequently asked questions about the QED 200 exit device. If you would like a PDF copy of this file, please click here. For specification information or more information on the QED 200, please see the catalog.



Q: What is the STANLEY Commercial Hardware QED200?

A: The QED200 is a grade 1 heavy-duty narrow stile exit device. QED200 trim, finish and configuration options ensure compatibility with other STANLEY Commercial Hardware products.

Q: Who is the QED200 customer?

A: The QED200 is a cost-effective option for aluminum storefront doors in non-institutional applications such as retail, hospitality and commercial office spaces.

Q: What device types is the QED200 offered in?

A: The QED200 is available in Rim, Surface Vertical Rod (SVR) and Concealed Vertical Rod (CVR) types. The SVR type comes with aesthetically-pleasing covers that prevent tampering and pinching. The QED200 Rim type is available in 3 different options (i.e., Hex Dog, Cylinder Dog, Fire-Rated). The QED200 SVR and CVR are available in 6 different options which feature the 3 functions listed above as well as each of these functions with a Less Bottom Rod option.

Q: Are mullions available to order for QED200 double door rim applications?

A: The QRM100 Series mullions can be used with QED200 devices for these application types. The QRM100 Series includes keyed and non-keyed removable mullions. Hurricane compliant mullions are also available to order.

Q: Are there electrified options available for the QED200?

A: Currently, there are not electrified options available to order on the QED200.

Q: What is the minimum stile width that the QED200 can accommodate?

A: The minimum stile width is 2” for surface vertical rod devices and rim devices using the ALS strike. It is 3 ½” for concealed vertical rod devices and rim devices using the HMS strike. Therefore, you must specify if you require an Aluminum Door Strike (ALS) or a Hollow Metal Door Strike (HMS) when ordering a QED200.

Q: What door thickness range can the QED200 accommodate?

A: The QED200 is standard to fit 1 ¾” thick doors but it can be field adjusted to accommodate doors up to 2 ¾” thick. A thick door kit is not required on the QED200 due to the adjustable spindle found on the QET200.

Q: What door height range can the QED200 accommodate?

A: The QED200 SVR and CVR are available to order for 7’ and 8’ doors.

Q: What door width range can the QED200 accommodate?

A: The QED200 can accommodate 26” – 48” wide doors. The 36” device is field sizeable to fit 26” – 36” wide doors while the 48” device is field sizeable to fit 36” – 48” wide doors.

Q: What exit trims are available to order for the QED200?

A: The QET200 series exit trims are available for the QED200 series exit devices. There are 8 QET200 exit trim offerings that include 5 lever trims, 2 pull trims and 1 flat plate. Lever trims are available in the following functions: Dummy Lever Escutcheon (QET220), Passage Lever Escutcheon (QET230), Keyed Lever Escutcheon (QET260), Night Latch Lever Escutcheon ANSI 03 (QET270) and Night Latch Lever Escutcheon ANSI 09 (QET280). *The QET270 ANSI 03 is not recommended with QED200 devices with vertical rods. We offer the QET280 ANSI 09 as an alternative option. Pull trim options include: Dummy Pull Plate (QET225) and Night Latch Pull (QET275). A Flat Plate (QET290) is also available.

Q: What lever styles are offered for the QET200?

A: The QET200 has 3 lever styles (i.e., Sierra, Summit, Slate).

Q: Do you have to specify handing when ordering a QED200 or QET200?

A: The QED200 exit device is non-handed, so you can simply flip it around to fit the specific application. The QET200 exit trim is shipped non-handed, so the handing can be configured at the point of installation to fit the respective application.

Q: What keyways are available to order on the QED200 & QET200?

A: The QED200 and QET200 are available to order with the following keyways: BEST “F” SFIC, Kwikset “KW”, Weiser “E”, Schlage “C”, Yale “GA” and Sargent “LA”.

Q: What finishes are offered for the QED200 & QET200?

A: The QED200 is available in 3 finishes: 605, 313AN and 626. The QET200 is available in 4 finishes: 605, 613, 626 and 690.

Q: What is the lead time for a QED200 & QET200?

A: The average lead time for a QED200 & QET200 is less than 2 weeks.

Q: What warranty does the QED200 & QET200 have?

A: The QED200 & QET200 has a limited lifetime mechanical warranty, 3 year finish warranty and a 1 year electrical warranty. The QED200 313AN finish and the QET200 613 finish are not covered under the 3 year finish warranty.

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