How to I stop my D4990 drifting closed with 6 on the LED display?


6 is the door fully open or hold open. If the door drifts closed when on 6, put the door in hold open mode using the switch on the side of the auto operator and vary POT 4 until the door remains stationary. Then put the operator back into day mode and test it again.

Below is a list of the digital read outs:

01 - Initialization
02 - Door closed
03 - Electric strike enabled (DIP switch 2; see the DIP switch table above)
04 - Door moving open
05 - Door moving through back-check
06 - Full open or hold open
07 - Door moving closed
08 - Door obstructed (moving open only)

POT Explanations:

POT number--Used to adjust--------------- Use this when . . .
1----------------Hold-open time--------------the time that the door holds open is too short or too long.
Note: Hold open time can be up to 30 seconds.----The hold open time must be a minimum of 5 seconds after the door is fully open.

2--------------- -Full open position-------------the door either does not open far enough or opens too wide.
3--------------- -NA (not used)
4----------------Stall force--------------------and only when hold open motor is drifting closed.
5----------------Open check speed------------you need to set the door speed during the back check period. Make sure that the speed is compliant.
6--------------- Open sweep speed-----------the speed that the door sweeps open is too fast or too slow.
7----------------Opening torque-------------- the force of the opening is too strong or too weak. The door should stop when obstructed. It should not be difficult to stop the door by hand.

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Additional Information

For more information on the D4990 and initial set up, please see the following article in our knowledge base: D4990 Installation Adjustments

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