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Q: What is STANLEY Wi-Q?
A: STANLEY Wi-Q is wireless access management system that consists of a portal gateway, access controller and is available in three BEST Grade 1 locking platforms: the 45HQ mortise lock, the 9KQ cylindrical lock and the EXQ exit trim. STANLEY Wi-Q locking hardware is battery operated.
Q: How many users can STANLEY Wi-Q accommodate?
STANLEY Wi-Q can accommodate up to 14,000 credentials per reader.
Q: What batteries are required to operate STANLEY Wi-Q devices?
A: STANLEY Wi-Q devices are equipped with a 4-cell battery holder that requires AA alkaline batteries. Shrink wrapped battery packs are also available as an alternative option. 
Q: Where is the intelligence found on STANLEY Wi-Q devices?
The STANLEY Wi-Q system has triple redundancy in the storage of the programming information. Intelligence in the lockset allows for the access decisions to be made at the point of control. The speed of the decision and the fact that it can be made without external input allows a customer to be confident in the control where they implement the solution. Along with the locks, programming information is also stored in the portal gateway and control software.
Q: How many events can the audit trail store?
A: Housed dynamically at the reader, STANLEY Wi-Q devices can store approximately 7,900 events. These events are stored in a First In First Out order. All activity is communicated back at the time that it occurs. The storage of events in the lock is only used in the event that communication back to the software is not possible. When the communication is restored,
the events are synchronized.
Q: What unique features are found on STANLEY Wi-Q devices?
A: The 45HQ mortise chassis is integrated with a Door Switch (DS), Latch Switch (LS), Request-to-Exit (RQE) and Key Override Sensor (KOS). The 9KQ cylindrical chassis is integrated with a DS and RQE. The EXQ exit  rim is integrated with a DS, LS and RQE.

DS – Door Position Switch – Indicates the status of the door, if it is open or closed
LS – Latch Status Switch – Monitors the status of the latch and if it is retracted or extended
RQE – Request to Exit – This signals to the lock that a person is exiting the door 
KOS – Key Override Sensor – Monitors if a key is used in the door

Along with all the monitoring capabilities, the communication protocol for the locks makes them unique as well. Operating in the 2.4 GHz Frequency, the 802.15.4 communication protocol is a low power protocol that allows for smaller channel widths. The smaller channel widths enable more selections to be available which ensures clear communication between the locks and the portals.
Q: How does the portal gateway operate?
A: The gateway communicates at 2.4 GHz spread spectrum to wireless readers or wireless access controllers. The gateway uses 802.15.4 protocol with clear channels above 802.11 to allow Wi-Fi interoperability. This allows the connection to be more secure and limits the possibilities of interruptions. The gateway does not require typical controller hard wiring. One must simply plug the portal gateway into an existing TCP/IP network and provide local power in order for it to operate.
Q: How often does the portal gateway communicate to the server?
A: The communication on the status of the lock (i.e., battery level, signal strength, locked/unlocked) is on a time-based system. The time interval is programmable and can be set anywhere from 10 seconds to 24 hours. The default communication time frame is every 60 seconds. However, if any high priority events occur at the lock, this information will be communicated to the server immediately.
Q: How many readers can a single portal gateway communicate with?
A: A non-dedicated portal can communicate with up to 64 readers that are in range. The range is determined by building construction.
Q: What wireless software programs are STANLEY Wi-Q devices compatible with?
A: STANLEY Wi-Q devices are compatible with WAMS, Lenel OnGuard, BASIS, EMTEL, Software House C•CURE 9000 (2.1, 2.2 & 2.3) and Johnson Controls P2000.
Q: Can STANLEY Wi-Q devices be accessed mechanically?
A: The 45HQ, 9KQ and EXQ are equipped with a key override feature. The key override features allows for mechanical
access through the use of a key.
Q: What door thickness range can STANLEY Wi-Q devices accommodate?
A: The 9KQ and EXQ can be field adjusted to accommodate doors 1 ¾”-2 ¼” thick. The 45HQ comes standard to fit 1 ¾”- 2” thick doors. However, there is a thick door option available on the 45HQ that will allow for accommodating doors up to 3” thick.
Q: What functions are offered on STANLEY Wi-Q devices?
A: The 45HQ is available in 2 different functions (i.e., single keyed latch-DV, single keyed deadbolt-TV). The 9KQ is available in 1 function (i.e., single keyed lock-DV). The EXQ is available in 1 function (i.e., single keyed-EV).
Q: What lever styles are offered on STANLEY Wi-Q devices?
A: The 45HQ has 44 lever styles (same as the 45H). The 9KQ is available in 3 lever styles (i.e., 14, 15, 16) and 1 knob style (i.e., 4). The EXQ is available in 2 lever styles (i.e., 14, 15).
Q: Do you have to specify handing when ordering STANLEY Wi-Q devices?
A: The 45HQ is field-handable meaning it can easily be changed in the field to fit the application. The 45HQ can also be ordered to come set with the handing that you require if you know it at the time of the order. You must specify handing when ordering the EXQ. The 9KQ is not handed, so it will fit on any door swing.
Q: What finishes are offered for STANLEY Wi-Q devices?
A: The 45HQ is available in 10 finishes: Standard (626, 630, 690), Satin (606, 612, 613) and Bright (605, 611, 625, 629). The 9KQ is available in 6 finishes: Standard (626, 690), Satin (606, 612) and Bright (605, 625). The EXQ is available in 5 finishes: Standard (626, 690) and Satin (606, 612,613). An anti-microbial coating can be added to 626 and 630. In addition, we are the only manufacturer that allows an anti-microbial coating to be added to the keypad.
Q: What is the lead time for STANLEY Wi-Q devices?
A: The average lead time for STANLEY Wi-Q devices is 3 weeks or less.
Q: What warranty do STANLEY Wi-Q devices have?
STANLEY Wi-Q devices have a 3 year warranty on the locking platforms (45HQ, 9KQ, EXQ). Portal Gateways and Wireless Access Controllers have a 1 year warranty.
Q: What makes the 9KQ an ideal fit for abusive, high usage areas?
The 9KQ can be ordered with a lost motion chassis. The outside lever will not be rigid when the door is locked. Therefore, any abuse forced onto the lever will not affect the internal mechanisms of the lock.
Q: Do you have 9KQ levers to fit competitive core offerings?
Yes, we offer levers to fit Schlage, Sargent, Medeco, Corbin-Russwin and Yale Non-IC (Non-Interchangeable Core).
Q: What exit devices are compatible with the EXQ exit trims?
The EXQ can easily be used in conjunction with the PRECISION Apex 2000. In addition, the EXQ can retrofit standard mechanical exit devices from the competition including select Von Duprin 98/99 Series exit devices.
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