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Please see below for the frequently asked questions about the T Series tubular dead bolts. If you would like a PDF copy of this file, please click here. For specification information or more information on the T Series, please see the catalog.

Q: What is the BEST T Series?
A: The BEST T Series consists of the 8T, a grade 1 tubular deadbolt, and the 7T, a grade 2 tubular deadbolt. The BEST 8T is an American made lock that was launched in 1984. The BEST 7T was later introduced to the commercial market in 2001. There are two Grade 1 requirements that the 7T does not meet that are related to the strength of the product in resisting attack by pulling or applying torque to the outside cylinder. However, the 8T and 7T have identical tube assemblies.
Q: In what type of applications is the T Series primarily used?
A: As a standalone, the T Series can be found in applications such as rest stop and state park bathrooms as well as storage rooms. The T Series deadbolt is often commonly used in conjunction with cylindrical locks to provide an extra level of security. This opens up the T Series to the same cylindrical lock customer base which includes commercial office spaces, residential applications, etc. The 8T would be used over the 7T when there is a greater need for security and more specifically, a deadbolt that is more resistant to brute force attack. The 8T is also available with lead line options, making it a good solution for radioactive doors (MRI, x-ray, etc.) in health facilities.
Q: Does the T Series fit the standard door prep?
Yes, the T Series fits the standard door prep (161).
Q: How long does it take to install the T Series?
A: Once the door is prepped, installation is a simple 3-step process: Step 1: Install tube assembly; Step 2: Install outside trim with thru-bolts; Step 3: Install inside trim. The entire installation process takes an average of 2 minutes. Since the T Series has only three sub-assemblies, and our packaging is designed with the installer in mind, installation for the T Series product can be done quickly, efficiently and accurately ultimately reducing install related errors and call-backs.
Q: What door thickness range can the T Series accommodate?
A: The T Series comes standard to fit 1 ¾” thick doors. The 8T can be ordered to fit 1 3/8” – 3” thick doors. The 7T can be
ordered to fit 1 3/8” – 2 1/8” thick doors.
Q: What backsets are available for the T Series?
A: The T Series can be ordered with a 2 3/8” or 2 ¾” deadbolt tube assembly. The standard faceplate for a 2 3/8” backset deadbolt tube assembly is 1” in width and the standard faceplate for a 2 ¾” backset deadbolt tube assembly is 1 1/8” in width. However, a 1 1/8” faceplate (WF) is available to order with the 2 3/8” backset deadbolt tube assembly and a 1” faceplate (NF) is available to order with the 2 ¾” backset tube assembly. In addition, a drive-in bolt is available on the 8T. The drive-in bolt requires less door prep, is quicker to install, and can be used on both wood and steel doors.

Q: What unique options are offered on the T Series to make it less susceptible to break-ins?
A: The T Series can be ordered with a high security strike. The purpose of this strike is to protect the door frame. The wood door frame is usually the first item to splinter in the case of a break-in. When used in conjunction with a steel door frame, the door becomes extremely difficult to break into.

The T Series is available to order with a concealed screw option. This enables the device to have no exposed screws on the trim. Not only is this aesthetically-pleasing, it also provides a higher resistance against tampering.

Q: What cores must be used for the T Series?
A: The T Series accepts any SFIC (Small Format Interchangeable Core).
Q: What functions are offered for the T Series?
A: The 8T is available in 3 single key functions (i.e., K-Turnknob, L-One Way no turnknob & L-One Way turnknob), 1 double-keyed function (i.e., M-Double Cylinder) and 1 nonkeyed function (i.e., KL-Closet turnknob and blank rose). The 7T is available in 2 single key functions (i.e., K-Turnknob & L-One Way no turnknob) and 1 double-keyed function (i.e., M-Double Cylinder).
Q: What finishes are offered for the T Series?
The 8T is available in 9 finishes: Standard (626, 690), Satin (606, 612, 613, 619), and Bright (605, 611, 625). An antimicrobial coating can be added to 626. The 7T is available in 2 finishes: Standard (626) and Satin (612).
Q: What is the lead time for the T Series?
A: The average lead time for the T Series is less than 2 weeks.
Q: What warranty does the T Series have?
A: The T Series has a 3 year warranty.
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