40H FAQ's

40H FAQ's

Please see below for the frequently asked questions about the 40H mortise lock.  For specification information or more information on the 40H, please see the catalog.

Q: What constitutes for the durability of the 40H?

A: The 40H has an armored front that completely surrounds the latch and deadbolt providing increased lateral strength. The
staked assembly design allows the armored front to self-align with the door bevel during installation. In addition, the latch bolt is a
solid single-piece design. The latch and deadbolt are constructed of stainless steel.

Q: Who is the 40H customer?

A: Mortise locks are stronger, more durable and provide greater security than cylindrical locks. Consequently, the 40H is commonly used in educational, industrial and institutional applications. With the addition of the visual indicator thumb-turn and laminates, the 40H is a particularly good option for classroom doors. The 40H is also hurricane-rated which allows it to pass building codes in coastal states.

Q: What is unique about the functionality and aesthetics of the 40H that makes it customer-preferred?

A: The 40H encompasses bi-directional levers that allow you to move the lever up or down in order to retract the latch. Secondly, our standard thumb-turn is ADA compliant. Competitors offer an oversized thumb-turn option at an extra cost that is ADA compliant. Their standard thumb-turn does not fall within ADA compliance.

Q: How hard is it to install the 40H?

A: The 40H can be installed in a few minutes or less once the door is prepped. The 40H fits the mortise (86) door prep. The lock case would be inserted into the hole in the door frame and the faceplate would be applied. Next, the outside lever trim and inside lever trim would be installed. The 40H packaging is the key to the successful install. All the parts are visible and neatly organized in a tray to allow for a quick, efficient and accurate install.

Q: What unique features are available on the 40H that make it less susceptible to break-ins?

A: The 40H is equipped with a breakaway outside spindle that is designed to twist off during abuse before any internal damage to the lock occurs. The lock owner would then just need to replace the inexpensive spindle as opposed to the entire lock. A high-security option is available on the 40H that features a drill resistant, stainless steel cylinder ring, and cylinder face. This high-security option is also pick-resistant.

A vandal trim option is also available to order on the 40H that encompasses a resettable clutch in the lever handle. If excessive torque is applied to the lever, the lever disengages from the spindle allowing the lever to move without affecting the internal mechanisms of the lock. The lock owner can then simply move the lever upward to its original horizontal position in order to re-engage the lever with the spindle to have a functioning lock again.

Q: What door thickness range can the 40H accommodate?

A: The 40H is standard to fit 1 ¾ - 2” thick doors. The lock assembly can be modified to accommodate doors up to 5” thick using different length spindles. Therefore, you must specify the door thickness when ordering a 40H.

Q: What functions are offered for the 40H?

A: The 40H is available in 42 different functions. In addition, there are three “universal” functions (i.e., UNR, UNT & UNAB) that can be configured to a variety of common functions, all without opening the lock case. When any of the universal functions are ordered as a complete lock, all the necessary parts (including trim*) are provided to configure any of the functions in that group. This is particularly important considering distributors want to maintain low inventory levels. By ordering the universal function, distributors have access to several different mortise functionalities all contained within one single box. The 40H provides the ability to postpone decisions on how the lock will be configured all the way up to the point of installation, making it one of the most flexible and user-friendly mortise locks available.

*Universal functions are compatible with sectional trims only.

Q: What lever styles are offered for the 40H?

A: The 40H has 44 lever styles. Please refer to pages 3-6 of the downloadable copy of this FAQ for additional details. Subsequently, the 40H can be ordered as OEM-Service (less lever/trim mortise) and is compatible with FR International (formerly Frascio) levers.

Q: Do you have to specify handing when ordering a 40H?

A: No, the 40H is field-handed meaning it can easily be changed in the field without opening the lock case.

Q: What rose styles are offered for the 40H?

A: The 40H is available in 3 rose styles (i.e., H: 2-3/4”, R: 2-3/4”, S: 3-1/2”).

Q: What escutcheon styles are offered for the 40H?

A: The 40H is available in 3 escutcheon styles (i.e., J: wrought, M: forged, N: forged).

Q: What finishes are offered for the 40H?

A: The 40H is available in 13 finishes: Standard (618, 622, 626, 630, 690), Satin (606, 612, 613, 619), and Bright (605, 611, 625, 629). An anti-microbial coating can be added to these finishes.

Q: What is the lead time for a 40H?

A: The average lead time for a 40H is less than 2 weeks.

Q: What warranty does the 40H have?

A: The 40H has a limited lifetime warranty.

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