Are there any directions on how to adjust the Precision surface vertical rods?

PRECISION Surface Vertical Rod Adjustment Instructions

Once the Exit Device & Latches are mounted to the door (or to trouble shoot an improperly operating vertical rod exit device) proceed with the following steps.




(PERFORMED FIRST)    Top rod adjustment holds bottom bolt/latch up

Step 1: With the rod carriage down, thread top rod onto the stud in the rod carriage until the hole in the top rod aligns with the bottom of the slot in the top channel. Pull link down so the hole in the link is at the bottom of the slot in the channel. Insert rod pin thru channel, link and rod. Push spring clip onto rod pin until it snaps into place.

Step 2: Pushing on touchbar will retract the latchbolt and open the door. Latchbolt will stay retracted and device is in holdback (latch staying retracted). If not holdback, remove spring clip and pin. Turn rod COUNTER CLOCKWISE one half turn. Insert rod pin and check for holdback again. Repeat if necessary until latch stays in Holdback (retracted).

Step 3: Release top latch from hold back so it is fully extended. Check top latch for DEADLOCKING (Latchbolt cannot be pushed down into latch channel). If NO DEADLOCKING remove rod pin. Turn rod CLOCKWISE one half turn, insert rod pin and check for deadlocking. Repeat if necessary and install spring clip.

BOTTOM ROD ADJUSTMENT (performed after top rod adjustment) 

Step 1: With rod carriage down, thread the bottom rod onto the stud in the rod carriage until appropriate hole (see illustration below) in the rod aligns with bottom of slot in the bottom channel. Insert rod into the bolt by lifting it up. Insert rod pin thru channel, bolt and then rod.

Step 2: Place device into holdback by pushing on touchbar. Clearance between the bottom of the bolt and the surface where strike will be mounted should be ¼”. If clearance is not ¼”, remove rod pin and thread rod into or out of the rod carriage to achieve ¼” clearance. Install rod pin and spring clip.

NOTE: - following are some important steps when considering Vertical Rod Adjustment

  1. The PRECISION exit device mounting height is listed at 39-15/16” from the finish floor. While the product can accommodate different heights if it is preordered correctly, such changes can require a review of the adjustment for proper latching.
  2. When testing the vertical latch retraction via the use of the push-bar or outside trim, please do so slow fashion so as to mimic the worst case scenario.


Applies To 

Apex 2200 Series

Additional Information

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