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QEL 200 Stand Alone Controller Firmware Update


STANLEY Security Distributors:

The STANLEY Security Products Engineering team is releasing an updated firmware package for the EL lock. This new firmware will incorporate a number of feature requests that are highlighted below.

Feature: Passage Mode Enhancement
Resolution: Previous firmware version allowed a double swipe of any enrolled card to enable passage mode. New firmware release limits passage mode to only those cards specifically enrolled for that feature.

Feature: Master Programming Enrollment Mode Enhancement

Resolution: In the past, a mechanical key was required to enter master programming card enrollment mode. Master programming card enrollment mode can now be entered by using either the mechanical key sequence or by using the Temp Operator card (shipped with each EL lock). Please consult the User Guide for detailed instructions.

Feature: Clearing Enrollment Mode by Presenting the Master Programming Card
Resolution: The user can now exit enrollment mode immediately by presenting the master programming card.

The new firmware will be implemented into production on January 29, 2014. To clearly identify the firmware version, the box will come with a “Rev C” sticker.

Next Steps:
To upgrade your existing STCH QEL controllers, you will need to first contact STANLEY Security Technical Support (contact information below) for a link to download the firmware and a list of necessary tools. Once that is complete, the controller can be upgraded in a few minutes by following the instructions listed in the attached document entitled “STCH EL Stand Alone FW Upgrade Procedures.”

Contact Information: 1-800-392-5209 option 1, option 2 or



STANLEY Security - Products Group Technical Support


Additional Information Available for Download:

STCH EL Stand Alone FW Programmer Software Install Guide

STCH EL Stand Alone FW Programmer FW Install Guide

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