Controllers assuming unlock time zone reader modes that are not assigned to them but to other controllers associated with the same portal gateway. Rebooting the portal gateway seems to be the only way to get the controllers back to the correct reader mode


Issue: The readers fall offline after the initial configuration updates. When they reconnect to portal gateway, depending on the order they reconnect to the portal gateway, they can assume a time zone reader mode that is not assigned to them. 

The work around is to set up a time zone reader mode for the readers without one currently assigned to them. Examples of these time zone reader modes are: 24/7 + Card Only, 24/7 + Pin or Card, or 24/7 + Card and Pin.

It is recommended for all B.A.S.I.S Wi-Q installations with time zone unlock reader mode intervals to have all controllers in a time zone enabled reader mode such as 24/7 + card only or as directed by the customer.

Applies To

B.A.S.I.S Wi-Q Interface 3.0

Additional Information

This was corrected in portal firmware version  If you need this firmware please contact the software support team via email at

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