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Mechanical Mortise 
Certification ID Description
3775-1725:0102 34H, 35H, 36H, and 37H mortise type single-point locks or latches.
3775-1725:0104 40H Series mortise type single point lock or latch.
Mechanical Cylindrical
Certification ID Description
3775-1725:0107 83K, 84K, 85K, 93K, 94K and 95K
Electromechanical Mortise and Cylindrical
Certification ID Description
3774-1725:0103 Model IDH Max Access Control System electronically controlled single point lockset.
3774-1725:0105 Models 30HEL and 30HEU with ¾” latch bolt mortise type rated 24 VDC; Models 34HV and 35HV with ¾” latch throw mortise type battery operated.
3774-1725:0106 Models 8KDEL, 8KDEU with 9/16” or ¾” latch bolt rated 24 VDC; Models 9KDEL, 9KDEU with 9/16” or ¾” latch bolt rated 24 VDC; Models 83KV, 84KV, 85KV, 93KV, 94KV and 95KV battery operated with a 9/16” or ¾” latch bolt electronic cylindrical type locks.
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