BEST Offline Lock Transport 6.0 Information and Downloads

BEST Offline Lock V & G Series Transport 6.0 Information

BEST offline lock V 7 G series transport 6.0 is supported on B.A.S.I.S/OnGuard ET 692 and newer. If you have an older version of B.A.S.I.S/OnGuard software you will need to upgrade your B.A.S.I.S software prior to upgrading to this release of B.A.S.I.S Transport.

BEST offline lock V & G series transport 6.0 will configure the new UVC readers as well as the older legacy, non-UVC BEST offline and guest readers. If you've received a new universal board (UVC) B.A.S.I.S V or B.A.S.I.S G reader, you must upgrade transport and your software if your software is older than B.A.S.I.S ET 692/OnGuard 6.4.500.


Mini-Netbook/Tablet Transport Minimum Requirements

To ensure compatibility with B.A.S.l.S. Offline Locks, we recommend purchasing devices and accessories through your local Stanley / BEST Access Systems office.

Should you choose to purchase a mini computer on your own, please review the minimum specification information below: (You will still need the additional components listed above.)

Below are the Mini-Netbook/Tablet computer minimum specifications. These are the minimum requirements the transport computer/tablet must satisfy.

  • Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
  • 1GB Memory
  • 16GB Hard Drive
  • Processor: i5/3.6 GHz
  • USB 2.0 Port-2 Each

PLEASE NOTE: Windows RT Tablets and Phones are NOT supported.


The following components are required to program the BEST offline locking hardware with the netbook/tablet option.

Part # Description
SES-Netbook  Mini computer for Transport applications
SES-USB USB to Serial Converter for Transport applications
SES-MEM USB 2 GB Flash Drive for Transport applications
SES-DB9CON DB9 Connector / Adapter (Connector Only - no cable)
  Note: The DB9CON Connector will connect the SES-USB to the BASD-CAB cable. Total length of these 2 combined cables is approximately 2 feet.
SES-DB9CAB DB9 Cable Adapter (6' cable) (optional for longer desired length)
  Note: The DB9CAB Connector will connect the SES-USB to the BASD-CAB cable, and includes a six foot cable. Total length of these 3 combined cables is approximately 8 feet.
BASD-CAB Offline Lock Programming Cable


For more information on how to use the BASIS offline readers, please click on the link below.

BASIS Offline User Guide


Below are the Transport downloads. Click on the name of the file you wish to download.

BEST Transport Tray BEST Transport Tray. Installed on the PC where the Offline Access Panels are downloaded. This could be the Server or the OnGuard client. This will always be installed regardless of Mobile or Netbook option.
BEST Transport  BEST Transport. This is installed on the mini-netbook/tablet/ laptop that is carried to the Offline readers installed on the doors for programming.
BASIS Transport Mobile BEST Transport Mobile. This is installed on the supported PDA and is used in conjunction with the BASIS Transport Tray. 

BASIS Add-On's For Offline V & G Controllers

Add-On for OG Version 7.5

Add-On for OG Version 7.4

Add-On for OG Version 7.3

Add-On for OG Version 7.2

Add-On for OG Version 7.1




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