Miscellaneous Hinge Templates

Miscellaneous Hinge Templates

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Heavy Weight Two Knuckle Concealed Bearing Hinge

For more information on the heavy weight two knuckled concealed bearing hinge, click here.

CB0701 – (ANSI A8111) – Steel – polished and plated or phospahated and prime coated for painting

CB0761 – (32) – (ANSI A5111) – Stainless Steel – highly polished

CB0761– (32D) – (ANSI A5111) – Stainless Steel – satin finish

Hinge Size
4.4 T45-01 Full Mortise Butt Hinges 4.5 x 4 - 4.5 x 4.5 - 4.5 x 5 - 4.5 x 6 - 4.5 x 7 - 4.5 x 8

Shock Arrestor

For more information on the shock arrestor, click here.

225R – Steel – phosphated and prime coated for painting or polished and plated
Hinge Size Description
225R Left Hand N/A T96-01 Shock Arrestor - Surface Mounted No. 225R (Left Hand)
225R Right Hand N/A T90-34 Shock Arrestor - Surface Mounted No. 225R (Right Hand)

Installation instructions for the Shock Arrestor

Installation Instructions for 225R

Decorative Hinges

For more information on decorative hinges, click here.

BB95 – (ANSI A1612) – Forged brass – polished and finished

Hinge Size Description
BB95 N/A T60-02 Full Mortise Olive Knuckle Butt Hinge 6

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