Sliding & Folding Door Hardware Instructions

Sliding and Folding Hardware

Click on the installation instruction link you wish to view. If you need additional information on the specific door hardware, click on the Additional Information links. Click here for more information on Sliding and Folding Door Hardware.

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BiFold Doors 

Installation Instructions
BF20 Door Hardware
BF30 Folding Door Hardware
BFC30 Door Hardware 
BFC30 2 Panel Door Hardware
BFC30 4 Panel Door Hardware
BF50 Folding Door Hardware 
BF125N Folding Door Hardware 
741 Hinge Template

ByPass Hardware


Installation Instructions
BP60 & BPD60 Silding Door Hardware 
BP150N & BP250N ByPass Door Hardware 
BP250-61 and BP250-62 Flush Pull


Pocket Hardware

Installation Instructions
PD75 Pocket Door Hardware
PD150N Pocket Door Hardware 
PD150-61 Pocket Door Pull 
PDF150N & PDF250N Pocket Frame Hardware
PD150-62 Pocket Door Latch
PD250-61 Pocket Door Pull 
PD250-64 Flush Pull
PD250-63 Edge Pull
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