Do you have a visual indicator for the 9K?


The 9K Intruder function is now offered with the visual indicator as a standard option.

The enhanced rose option provides an intuitive marking etched into the rose to provide the user with a permanent visual indicator to identify which way to turn the key in order to lock the door from the interior or classroom side.  The visual indicator may reduce the time required to ensure the lock is secure if the threat of an intruder were identified. 

The rose now standard with the 9K Intruder Function or can be ordered separately and is available in the 626 finish for rose styles C, D, K, and L. 

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How To Order:

Ordering with the 9K intruder function can be done as follows from the price book. 

9K            3              7                  IN            14               C         STK      626         

Series   Backset    Core Housing    Function    Lever Style    Rose   Strike     Finish


Sold Separate Part Numbers

86181-626  B86181 9K INTRUDER SM RSE C STYLE 626
86182-626  B86182 9K INTRUDER SM RSE K STYLE 626
86183-626  B86183 9K INTRUDER LRG RSE D STYLE 626
86184-626  B86184 9K INTRUDER LRG RSE L STYLE 626


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