All of the Wi-Q readers display with a yellow X after segmenting a BASIS Wi-Q installation which previously contained a portal gateway. Neither the portal gateways nor the controllers function properly.


Segmenting a BASIS system which already contains a portal gateway with Wi-Q readers is not supported. After segmentation, the portal gateway will display as online, however, the readers will display as offline with a yellow X in Alarm Monitoring. Both the portal gateway and the controllers will not function in BASIS if this occurs. The work around is as follows:

  1. Stop the BASIS LS Communication Server in services or exit the application.
  2. Open SQL Server Management Studio and connect the Access Control database. 
  3. Run the following query:
    DELETE FROM [AccessControl].[dbo].[WiQ_AccessLevelTzGroupAssocs]
  4. Move the portal Gateway Panel to a different segment in BASIS.
  5. Restart the Communication Service or application. 
  6. The portal gateway should now display in the new segment in the Stanley BASIS Wi-Q Interface Tool and should have a new sign on key.
  7. Deep reset the affected readers and sign them in with the new sign on key.
  8. In BASIS System Administration, perform a panel download to start the data download to the Wi-Q readers.

Applies To

BASIS Wi-Q Interface 3.0

Additional Information

Prior to running any SQL script, it is always best practice to make a database backup.

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