Communication server will run as an application correctly, but when it runs as a service, all panels show offline.


The LS Communication Server application program can be run as either a Windows service or as an application launched from the Start > Programs > OnGuard menu.

When the LS Communication Server is running as a service, the access panels incorrectly report as offline in Alarm Monitoring (with a red X in the System Status Tree).

When the LS Communication Server is running as an application (the service is stopped),  the access panels will correctly report as online in Alarm Monitoring.

In the Windows Event Viewer, there may be one or more errors in either the Application or System logs, containing the following description:

"Internal logic error.: SCPDriver received NAK Reply for panel 18 Reason[4 - Command Content Error] Data[0] Command[ 5B 00 17 00 03 0A 00 93 8E 59 42 02 02 00 05 00 FF 07 00 06 ]"


To resolve this issue, make sure the LS Communication Server service has local administrative rights on the server on which it is running. If it does not, you will have to work with local IT to obtain local admin rights on the PC and possibly set up the service to run with the local admin account.

The Local System Account should have sufficient permissions. As an alternative, a specific user with local administrative rights can also be used to run the LS Communication Server service.

Applies To

BASIS and OnGuard (All versions)

Additional Information 

Note that the reason the access panels showed as online in Alarm Monitoring when running the Communication Server as an application is likely because the user who was logged into Windows was either a local or domain administrator. This provided the necessary permissions for the Communication Server to function properly.

In addition, each reported instance of this issue was accompanied by a NAK error containing the bold-faced bytes in the string below (though the string itself may vary).
5B 00 17 00 83 0A 00 93 8E 59 42 02 02 00 05 00 FF 07 00 06




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