How do I configure holidays in Wi-Q 3.1?


To configure Holidays you will need to set up a separate interval collection. Holidays that do not fall on the same date each year will need to be reconfigured annually. Steps to complete this are below

  1. Open up Wi-Q Access Management Software.
  2. Navigate to Timezones -- Interval Collections
  3. Create a timezone and name appropriately (eg. Holiday).
  4. Add appropriate intervals for your systemHoliday_Interval_Collection.PNG

  5. Navigate to Reader Control.
  6. Select and review the interval collection you want to apply the holiday for.
  7. Add the interval collection that you created in step 2.
  8. Set the access level to "Lockout".
  9. Select "priority" and "Allow manager override" check boxes. 
    • "Priority" will cause the holiday interval collection to be used over the generally utilized schedule, preventing access.
    • "Allow Manager Override" will cause all general users to be locked out of the applicable readers during the holiday timezone while still allowing access for manager cards.


10. Select "update" button in the lower right hand corner of the page to save your changes.


Q: What if my date won't change like below?

A.Start with the year- Change 2005 to 2018 prior to changing the month and day. The program does a check with each field (M/D/Y) and therefore will consider your input invalid if you start at the beginning of the date. 

Applies To

All builds of Wi-Q/WAMS 3.1 Software

Additional Information

Readers must be online and communicating to the portals in order to receive these configuration updates.

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