811 and 822 Removable Mullions


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UL Labels

If your device has a 335L label on it, that is the label for the non fire rated devices.  
If your device has the R7639 label on it, it is fire rated. 





 01903-11 811 Mullion Installation Instructions
 05315-11 822, KR822*, HC822, HCKR822*, FL822, FLKR822*, FLHC822, FLHCKR822* Mullion Installation Instructions
 A85395_A  Removable Mullion WAll Mount Installation Instructions

*Key Removable Mullions Require 1E72 Rim Cylinders.


Frequently Requested Part Numbers

Description Image
KMC822 Key Removable Mullion Cap
MCS822 Mullion Cap Spacer
S1447 Interlock
ST989 Stabilizer
MC822 822 Cap
MB822 822 Base
05221-Finish 822 8' Tube
01238-07-Finish Cylinder Mount
00996 5/32 Hex Wrench




Mullion Specifications PDF



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