What do the flags mean in the portal gateway webpage?

Flags – The Flags indicate the device status. Common device statuses for Wi-Q controllers when they are connected to a portal gateway are below:

  • 010001 – Controller initial connection to the gateway.
  • 30207 – Controller connected to the portal gateway and is waiting for segment updates.
  • 30063 – Controller has a deep reset command pending.
  • 30017 – Controller waiting to be pulled into the segment and has not received segment updates.
  • 30007 – Controller has received segment updates and is waiting in the ‘New Segment Items’ folder in Wi-Q AMS Configuration software.
  • 30043 – Controller is signed into the ACS, connected, configured, and not locked to the portal gateway.
  • 30053 – Controller is taking configuration updates.
  • 32043 – Controller is signed into the ACS, connected, configured, and locked to the portal gateway.
  • 32243 – Controller is locked to the portal gateway but has not been added to an access level or a direct assignment to a User. Either the software has not pushed the user credentials to the controller, or there is not an Access Level, User Group, or Clearance assigned to the reader.
  • 38053 – Controller has a firmware update pending.
  • 38043 – Controller is receiving a firmware update.
  • 32207 – Controller completed the firmware update and is waiting for updates from the portal.




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